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The Process

First Contact

You can contact us using the details provided to you under the Contact Us tab and we will get back to you as soon as possible. From there we will contact you with you to see what area you are interested in and what size house you can qualify for.

Applying at the bank! We will ask you to sign some documentation that the banks need in order for them to process your application. Then we take that headache out of your hands and handle the total application process. We then look at which bank approved, you and which bank gave you the best interest rate. YOU DECIDE ON WHICH BANK AND IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE.


So the bank has approved your home loan! Congratulations! (If they haven’t, we’ll look at the reasons why and work out a way in which we can apply again in a few months) So after the approval the bank gives the relevant attorney’s instruction to draw up your legal documentation that has to be signed by the client in order for the house to register in your name. We will finalize the plan with you and have Final plans drawn up.

Project Management

After signing of all the documentation at the attorneys, we are now ready to start with project management. This process is undertaken by our project manager and his team of experts. Plans are drawn up by the architect, NHBRC certificates are sorted out and water and electricity connections are requested. At this stage the architect plans are submitted to the relevant areas local municipality for plan approvals. After approval of plans, NHBRC registration the Bank will issue a Proceed to continue to transfer  the land and registration of the Bond.


Your plan has been approved and your stand has registered in your name! Now we can start building. This process is being closely monitored by the city engineers, the NHBRC, your bank and our project management assuring quality throughout.

Finalization and Handover

After completion of the building process, all relevant certifications, like COC, PlumbingRoof Certificates etc. are obtained. After final inspection and submitting of Documentation, the Councill will issue an Occupation Certificate. This is submitted to the bank with Certificates, as well as the signed inspection done with the client, “Happy Letter”. Then the bank will do an inspection and final payout and Handover of the house is done.

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